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Welcome to MMC- the nation’s premiere website on medical malpractice. For the first time, what may constitute a deviation from the medical standard of care is defined in specific clinical circumstances. Such deviations have been identified by our medical and legal consultants and will be continually updated. In addition a directory of medical malpractice attorneys and medical experts is provided. The directory for medical experts is arranged both by state as well as specialty. There are over 230 specialties in the medical expert directory. The attorneys and doctors included in our directory were selected after peer nomination and through careful and extensive screening by our research team. The rating is based on the number of testimonials received by an individual.  

For attorneys and medical experts that wish to be included in the directory, please send an email to the address below, but also understand that a nomination is required in order to appear in the directory. For an attorney, a peer or a doctor who acted as a medical expert on a case may nominate the attorney. For a doctor, a peer or an attorney for whom the doctor acted as a medical expert may nominate the doctor. Medical experts and attorneys can improve their ranking with additional testimonials from their peers and from attorneys and medical experts that they worked with. Such testimonials cannot be anonymous, and should be sent to the email addresses below. Rating updates on the MMC website will be done monthly. For those already in the directory who wish to change or remove their listing, please send an email to the address below. Please allow one week for the changes to appear. Processing fees will apply for those that wish to have their CV, contact information, or a direct link to their website appear in the directory. Over 286 domains related to medical malpractice link directly to this website, thus increasing visibility of Medical Malpractice Connections.

Medical Malpractice Connections does not endorse or recommend any attorney / law firm or physician whose name appears in the directories. It does not make any representation as to the qualifications, expertise or credentials. Doctors and attorneys included in MMC directories were selected after peer nomination. The ranking is based on the highest point total of “testimonials” received by the attorney or medical expert. The information contained in the MMC website is not a medical or legal advice but rather opinions of medical experts and attorneys consulted by MMC.

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